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 About the clan

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PostSubject: About the clan   Wed Apr 15, 2009 2:03 pm

Some of you may be wondering wtf a Sunutobi is; allow me to explain.

Sunutobi is a clan I created a good 5-6 years ago to go along with my fan-made Naruto character and mini-series. The name of the spinoff was called Naruto: Cloud Gaiden. The events of NCG are centered around a boy named Tenkou Sunutobi and his best friend/squadmate Kazuki Shumaru. Approximately 12 years prior to the fan-manga's story, the village of Hidden Sun, proclaimed to be the most beautiful village in all of the ninja world, was attacked in the dead of night by the whole of the Shumaru clan of the neighboring Cloud village. The most powerful ninja clan of Hidden Sun, the Sunutobi clan, were at this time on a very friendly basis with the Shumaru clan so the sudden attack caught them off guard.

Fighting style
Members of the Sunutobi clan fight by releasing controlled amounts of chakra around rays of sunlight to form jutsu. The ratio of chakra to sunlight affects the power and shape of their attacks; using less chakra would produce a stronger sun ray, but it would be much harder to control--respectively, using a larger amount of chakra would allow them to shape the sunlight better, but the attack would be weaker. Sunutobi clansmen also have the ability to passively intake and store a small amount of sunlight within their bodies (helped along by their traditionally black clothing) because otherwise, they would be defenseless at night. Sunutobi members must rely on the sunlight they stored during the day if they engage in battle at night and once this limited source is exhausted, they are unable to perform ninjutsu. However, there is an alternative--but it is a forbidden taboo among the clan unless they are in dire need. This alternative is using moonlight. For reasons unknown, reflected sunlight from the moon has a negative effect on Sunutobis in that in using it, their minds are infected and their judgment is clouded; essentially they begin to become "evil." However due to moonlight ninjutsu producing a freezing effect, unlike sunlight's burning effect, their jutsu are generally much more powerful. The more they rely on moonlight, the further they fall into darkness and their physical appearance even begins to change; far-gone Sunutobi are noted to have silver hair, red tattoo-like markings on their cheeks, and a blue Taiyougan.

Bloodline limit
Taiyougan (eye of the sun) is an eye technique unique to the Sunutobi clan. Due to their inherent bloodline ability to absorb sunlight, Sunutobi members can redirect a portion to their eyes (which are intricately protected by a layer of chakra) causing them to glow a bright golden color. While using Taiyougan, a Sunutobi member has perfect vision at night, underwater, and any other sight-altering area; if one were to throw sand in the eyes of a Sunutobi in order to temporarily hinder their sight, the sand itself would disintegrate due to the intense heat exuded from their eyes. In addition, Sunutobi members can freely shoot concentrated beams of stored sunlight from their eyes. The Taiyougan eye technique was perfected when Taiyoji Sunutobi, Tenkou's father, created the Tenjitsu style. Tenjitsu is the Sunutobi's main taijutsu style. By first activating Taiyougan, a Sunutobi first directs stored sunlight to the eyes. This causes a special link to be formed from their well of stored sunlight to the eyes. From there, through special training, a Sunutobi can extend the link to the hands, causing them to have the same heated and glowing effect as Taiyougan. More advanced Tenjitsu users are said to have a soft, transparent, golden "fire" flowing around their fists. The Tenjitsu style significantly increases their offensive power when using taijutsu due to the emanating heat, allowing them to even punch through solid steel as if it's paper. In addition to the golden flame Tenjitsu, there is a final, mysterious advancement where the entire body has the effect--but this is only regarded as rumor considering the extreme chakra and sunlight balance and control that would be required to pull it off.

Backstory Conclusion
More and more Sunutobi clansmen were either killed off by the Shumaru or by fellow Sunutobi who resorted to using moonlight and became evil. As Tenkou's father drew his last breath; blaming himself for the attack (which I'll explain a later time because it's related to a completely different subject and I don't feel like typing anymore), he hands Tenkou's mother his beloved crimson scarf, and beckons her to escape so that their son may live. She flees the building and attempts to exit the village but is halted by the leader of the Shumaru clan who commands her to surrender her son to him. She refuses and makes an attempt to run but is slashed by his chakra-sharpened katana in a vital organ. She uses the last of her stored sunlight to imprison him in a cage of sun rays and stabs and kills him with Tenkou's father's prized sunlight-absorbent sword that she takes from his corpse's side. She manages to make it all the way to the neighboring Cloud and writes a brief plea for the Raikage to find him a family who will raise him. Not wanting her son to be scarred by witnessing his mother's death as an infant, she uses the last of her strength to exit the village. The Raikage is confused to find a baby in a basket with nothing but his mother's forehead protector, his father's scarf and bloodstained sword, and a small note. Nevertheless, he takes the boy in and finds him refuge with a willing family. His mother is found the next day; dead in a forest just outside of Hidden Cloud. Thus marks the beginning of the legendary Tenkou Sunutobi, the last Sun ninja who fights to one day restore his village, resurrect his clan, and repay his debt to the village whom graciously took him in.

I hope this sheds some light on this clan, its abilities, and how it came to be. This story, these characters, and all other aspects of this information are my original ideas and took many years of brainstorming and reworking, but I am quite proud of my creation. Have fun in the world of Naruto Eternity!
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About the clan
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